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3 Businesses Using User Generated Content

User generated content (UGC), or user created content, is any form of content that has been posted by unpaid contributors to online platforms such as social media. This content can be in the form photos, videos, audio, or blogs. Over the years, UGC has proven to be a scalable and powerful tool for business owners. It not only saves money, but it builds brand credibility. Here are three companies that are effectively using UGC to promote their brand and products.

Go Pro

GoPro was founded in 2002 and has since grown to a widely known brand around the world. The company has managed to double its net income for several years, while increasing marketing costs minimally. Much of this is credited to their heavy usage of User Generated Content. If you visit their Instagram page, you will see thousands of photos and videos captured by the very people that use their products. In addition, GoPro is known for running content challenges. The company invites users to submit content for cash awards.


Much like GoPro, Adobe utilizes User Generated Content to show what can be done by using their products. On the Adobe Instagram you will see featured content from users that use the various Adobe programs. Anywhere from simple photo edits to out-of-the-box digital illustrations, Adobe encourages users to share their work by tagging the company and using a branded hashtag.

The Conservancy

If you are a local to the Nashville area, you are most likely familiar with Centennial Park and the Parthenon. The Conservancy, the non-profit that works to support and preserve the park and monument, features User Generated Content from park visitors, giving viewers an inside look to the park from those that have been there.

UGC can be powerful tool for business of all types and all sizes. It is a free source of content, it creates authenticity for your brand, and incentivizes your audience to engage with your pages. How can you implement User Generated Content into your marketing strategy?