Why Your Law Firm Should Be Using Social Media

Often time’s lawyers hear the word social media and immediately dismiss this platform as unnecessary or too risky for their firm to utilize. They see potential dangers, ethical dilemmas and conflict. In 2015, social media use is so widespread, that to shy away from it law firms would only be hurting themselves. Business Insider reported that as of February 2013, Facebook had 1.2 billion monthly active users. They also reported that social media is now the top Internet activity, even surpassing email. With those types of statistics, which have inevitably grown to date, how can you consciously not get involved, and think your business is benefiting?

The Pew Research Internet Project evaluated a social networking survey that explored people’s overall social networks, and how these networks were related to trust, tolerance, social support, community and political engagement.

Key findings about Facebook and other social media users:

  • They are more trusting than others
  • They have closer relationships with others than non-users
  • They receive more support from their social ties
  • They are much more politically engaged than non-users
  • Social Media revives ‘dormant’ relationships

These findings speak for themselves. Social media delivers benefits such as staying in touch with others, establishing trust, reviving old relationships and gaining support from your network. These are all qualities necessary to a successful law firm.

In an article found in Law Practice Magazine by Simon Chester and Daniel Del Gobbo entitled “How Law Firms Should Approach Social Media”, they wrote, “All firms should develop a social media policy that encourages the use of these new and emerging tools in innovative ways”. Social media doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a tool that you can benefit from. It gives you the chance to relate to your clients and potential clients and show a little more of your personality. It also provides the opportunity to inform them about things you think they should know. As if you needed more benefits, with the targeting capabilities social media now has, you have the opportunity to advertise to your ideal client. Never before have your advertising dollars been put to better use than they can be with social media advertising. Use the tools wisely and the sky is the limit.

Don’t let your fear of social media hold your law firm back. Once you get over your fears, you will realize it’s a great business development tool founded and thriving on relationships.

“Uhmm…So Why Is Advertising Important Anyways?”

Sure, you can handle your social media, and according to Apple shoot a high-quality commercial using your iPhone 6 (clearly I’m a bit skeptical on that one). You can have a marketing plan all on your own, and you won’t ‘break the Internet’ like Kim Kardashian. However, will you be effectively reaching your target audience? Will you be getting new business? Will the world be taking away what you want them to from your brand? If yes, then color me impressed! However, yes is most likely not the answer to those questions.

Now, ask yourself those same questions but allow Aroluxe Marketing to do the work. Aroluxe handles your social media. Aroluxe comes up with the creative and shoots your next commercial (warning: we do not use an iPhone 6. We use an iPhone 5…kidding). Aroluxe effectively reaches your target audience. Aroluxe gets you new business. Finally, Aroluxe’s marketing plan for your business is cohesive. We want the world to see your brand how YOU see your brand. Sounds pretty good huh?

We get it; your focus is on running your business. That’s how it should be, but marketing, advertising, etc. takes a backseat. Take a second and really think about that.  You put advertising on hold so you can focus on your business, but if you’re not getting new clients, your business isn’t growing.

Here are five reasons why you not only should be advertising, but why you NEED to be advertising.

1.    Get The Word Out
You can prove you can walk the walk once you get them through the door. In order to succeed, your product or service must be known to potential buyers.  Common sense. Right? If people don’t know about you they can’t utilize your product or service. This is the step where you create awareness and are hopefully discovered by prospective customers.

2.    Create Awareness For Your Content
I’m willing to bet you don’t create content for your website or write blog posts and press releases because you love doing it. You do it to build trust and credibility.  Well, advertising is a great way to help that content be found and consumed. Can we tell you a secret though? We DO love doing it. Luckily for us it’s beneficial to you! Otherwise our copywriter would be out a job…..

3.    Target Your Ideal Customers
If you’re trying to get business for your high-end hair salon your ideal customer probably isn’t someone watching The Simpsons. Your ideal customer is probably watching more along the lines of The Bachelor, Scandal, Good Morning America, you get the picture; a woman who cares about her appearance.  Advertising allows you to target that cute girl! You can match your message to a select audience and get a greater connection.

4.    Higher Sales
Once you’re on your prospects radar, it increases your chances to convert that prospect to a customer.  Awareness has translated to reality. This is also the point where new customers start to spread the word to friends and family about your product or service. This is extremely important in today’s world where people can blast their opinions on social media. In 10 seconds or less their entire network knows how they feel about anything and everything. This includes your product, service, and the interaction they had with your business as a whole.  As the word spreads, you now have the ability to increase your sales. Without employing marketing strategies, you might not have made these sales.

5.    Builds Credibility
The success of a company is dependent on a solid reputation. It is important for your brand to be seen and heard in the community to help build credibility. I’m not going to go to a Lasik eye surgeon I’ve never heard of… think about it.

Now that you are a little bit more informed why you need to be advertising, (you’re welcome) we want to help! Let us do the stuff that you don’t want to do, and do it right.