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How Company Culture Can & Should Impact Your Company

Every company has culture whether they realize it or not. The question is, are you intentionally creating your culture or is it happening by default?

As an advertising firm, we realize the importance of getting things right from the inside before trying to market them outside. If your internal team and systems are rocking and rolling, you set yourself up for success to generate and retain the client’s you’re marketing to.

Tony Robbins, a well-known life and business strategist, said “in the end the purpose of a business is to create raving fans… and culture is king.” Here at Aroluxe, we thrive as a team that knows who we are and what we stand for to consistently create raving fans.

Here are 3 Key Elements of Culture that have impacted our company and can impact yours too:


  1. Define Your Core Values

Know who you are as a company and what you stand for. Specifically with Aroluxe, we realize our place in helping our clients succeed. We know that our foundation is based on the ability to create ways to advertise and market our clients, so we’ve intentionally built an environment that embraces the creativity we need to deliver.

This casual environment allows us to adopt a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere and leaves room for us to collaborate with all hands on deck. It’s important to know the environment your company needs to operate within your core value system.

“The purpose is to create a space that your team wants to make into a home, not use as a stepping-stone.” – David Johnson, CEO of Aroluxe

Your core values are with you at home, in the workplace, and on vacation; they don’t change when you walk into the office. Define who you are as a company and hire those people who live those core values too.

  1. Hire the Right Team Members

Once you stand firm with who you are as a company, it’s easy to see those values in the people you look to hire and bring onto your team. A lot of great candidates can be good

at many things, but it’s essential to know that their values match up with the values of your company and the role you’re hiring for.

Every member on our team is focused on collaborating with each other to build up our strengths and work together. Our focus in working as a team is to value inclusion with conversational transparency, so we can concentrate on delivering optimal results. When your employees know their role and how to work well together, everything flows naturally without added stresses and pain points.

  1. Establish Trust

After you’ve set the right team in place, it’s time to lay out the foundation to build trust. We run as a team that knows every role is important and deserves to be heard. It’s life- sustaining to create a safe and comfortable way for your employees to communicate with you. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to install an anonymous protocol for employees to feel comfortable expressing concerns.

The purpose of building a trustworthy workplace is to know the people on your team are worth investing in. When you know you can trust your team to carry their weight and go the extra mile, it motivates and encourages other like-minded team members to do the same.

“Instead of making all the decisions yourself, you build a culture of people who know what’s right.” – Tony Robbins

Building a positive company culture lays the foundation for quality work from valuable employees that can be trusted to make the right decisions without constant correction or guidance. By doing this, your employees stay motivated and encouraged to excel in their roles and collaborate with the team, while your company scales growth to bring more clients better results.

These 3 key elements are a winning formula for any company trying to grow or expand in any form, particularly when looking to the efforts of marketing.