Using Legal Marketing to Increase Case Acq - Dale Buchanan & Assoc.  

Dale Buchanan & Associates

The Aroluxe team applied its creative and focused legal marketing strategies to improve case acquisitions (as high as 30%) for a large Tennessee social security and disability law firm.

Legal Marketing Agency in Nashville Works with Dale Buchanan & Associates

Dale Buchanan & Associates: Using Legal Marketing to Increase Case Acquisitions to 30%

Dale Buchanan & Associates, one of the top social security and disability law firms in the Southeast, approached us with a major legal marketing issue: For the previous six months, they were experiencing a double digit decrease in case acquisitions from the previous year. This was not only a major case acquisition issue, but it was also a major cash flow issue. Aroluxe was tasked with turning their marketing and case acquisition around…and fast.

“Aroluxe was able to use the EXACT SAME Advertising Budget that we had previously allocated to the previous company, but they produced 3 times the intakes” – Amanda Buchanan

In this case study, Aroluxe identified multiple avenues to increase value at no cost. We produced new, strategic creatives. Then, our media team and buyers went to work, negotiating some of the lowest rates we have ever seen in each of their markets. When the campaign metrics were analyzed, 30 days after taking over the account, changing their creative and placement only, utilizing the SAME BUDGET as the previous company, we were proud to say that Dale Buchanan and Associates experienced double digit increases for the next 6 months, some as high as 30%.

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