Using Enterprise Marketing to Reposition a Brand's Identity - Segway  


The Aroluxe team took on a major enterprise marketing task that lead to completely revamping and repositioning a large personal transportation company's content and social media platforms in order to further increase its reach.

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Segway: Repositioning a Brand’s Content to Gain a Further Reach

When we were presented with the opportunity to work with Segway on repositioning their brand and applying our creative enterprise marketing strategies we couldn’t wait. Our first question was how do people view Segway? The second, how do we want them to view Segway?

First, we redefined and identified their target markets. Once we had developed their target market’s personas, established what their day-to-day looked like, and identified their wants and needs for a PT, we were ready to create a website that encompassed all these aspects.

“The Segway was created by some of the most creative minds in the world, naturally we wanted our agency to have that same mindset.” – Rod Keller, Former President of Segway, Inc.

Riding a Segway PT requires you to lean in the direction you wish to move. We took that quite literally when developing the site. We wanted people to lean into it and we portrayed that through angles, copy, and photography. Our take was that the site should actively portray their target markets utilizing their product in a way they could identify with. Along those same lines, we needed to revamp their social media. We started to portray the new brand via social media by giving our followers glimpses and teasers of the new branded photography.

Finally, with the brand and voice makeover, we were able to align with new verticals of new opportunity to further increase Segway’s reach.

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