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Why Social Media Customer Service is Important

Customer service at one point was handled through to face to face interaction or a phone number or address placed on the back of the product. The internet provided us with new methods of customer service such as emails, chat boxes, or contact forms on the company website. Now that social media is prevalent, consumers can quickly and easily connect with their favorite brands on these platforms for their issues. About 80% of people on the internet have at least one social media platform.

Be Active on your Socials

With social media being a substantial tool in marketing for businesses, it is important that companies are active and receptive. Failure to connect with consumers on social media platforms can harm your business more than you may think. 47% of buyers who turn to social media for customer service expect a response within 1 hour. If customers feel as if they have had a bad experience with your business they are likely to tell their family and friends, not recommend the product or service, and complain on social media.  

Connect on More than one Platform

Not only are brands expected to respond to complaints and concerns in a timely manner, but they are also expected to be operating on more than on social media platform. Social media allows for an increase in engagement and a way to expand a business. You can boost your brand awareness, and market your products or services through these platforms. Always be sure to respond as quickly as you can on social media, and know which complaints should be resolved in public or in private. It is very important that when responding to social media to be friendly and sincere. Consumers recollect all interactions with brands whether they are positive or negative. Your presence on social media as a brand is important, make sure you are using your platforms to the fullest extent.